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Site it is a portal of pure information for educational purposes, open and accessible to anyone. Through these pages, we promote knowledge of gambling in all its forms of legality, safety and responsibility. This site publishes industry professionals who have gained many years of experience in the field to date.

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The use of this portal is subject to acceptance of the rules and regulations set out below. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use this site. The content is for informational purposes only. The owners, editors and authors do not bear any legal responsibility in case of misuse of this information.


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Responsible Gaming

The site solely promotes responsible gaming. Among the contents of this portal, you will only find links, tips, information and gambling offers from online casinos and, more generally, gambling sites. Every moment of the game, online or offline, will directly depend on the participation of the player himself, and – in case of problems – the owners of the site or the editors themselves cannot be blamed for anything.

We at have always supported responsible gambling, so much so that we turned it into a battle: gambling is not a solution to economic problems, but simple entertainment with which you can literally have fun. Thus, the authors of the texts are not liable for any damages. Portals reviewed все они легальны, безопасны и позволяют отслеживать транзакции в любое время.

Website Privacy Policy информирует, что персональные данные, предоставленные пользователями портала, будут обрабатываться в соответствии с законом.

In accordance with this Law, the processing of data will be based on the principles of lawfulness and transparency. With regard to the processing carried out, the user is notified in writing of the following:

  • Optional: The user has the ability to choose whether or not to provide their personal data. In the latter case, however, you will not be able to use the site.
  • Method of Collection: This data will be collected by electronic and/or computerized means within the parameters of security and legality established by law.
  • Dissemination of data: personal data will not be used for purposes other than those for which they were provided.

We will discuss the rights of the data subject below. user can:

  • Receive confirmation or refutation of the existence of data in the site database.
  • Obtain information about the origin of personal data.
  • Receive information about the status, method and purpose of data collection on the site.
  • Receive modification, correction, blocking or deletion of data.
  • Object to the use of personal data for promotional or promotional purposes.
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